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    I’m not the kind of guitar player that likes to use a lot of pedals.

    However, sometimes in a small venue, I’m not able to crank my amp to get the overdrive I like. We recently got in a few of the new Seymour Duncan effect pedals, so I took them to a gig at a small venue last night to put them through their paces.

    First in the signal path was the 805 Overdrive. It was very tube screamer-ish, but with more EQ controls. I set them all at half, and it gave me a very transparent sounding overdrive. I had the drive turned up about 75%, and this gave me a very thick and creamy lead tone, but cleaned up very nicely when I backed the volume off on the guitar.

    Next up was the Shape Shifter Tremolo pedal.  This pedal has way more features than what I would ever need. Tap Tempo, Wave adjustment, and Shape adjustment. I set those two knobs right at half, set the speed right at half, and the depth a little less than half. The sound I got was a very warm, Blackface style tremolo sound.

    Another cool feature is that even when the pedal is off, the speed knob pulses a blue light to let you know how fast the tremolo is set.

    Finally, I had the Vapor Trail analog delay. I’m not much of a delay user, but even I could get a usable sound from it. I set the repeats very low, the mix fairly low as well, and the delay long. It gave me a nice Eric Johnson lead tone delay sound. The delay knob on this pedal also lights up to show you how long you have the delay set. All three pedals sounded great, and are well built in sturdy metal casings. I powered them all with batteries instead of a power supply. I can’t think of anything bad to say about these effects. If you want boutique pedal sounds at a lower cost, made in USA, and from a company that’s made excellent guitar products for all our favorite guitar hero’s, check out the new line of pedals from Seymour Duncan.


    Seymour Duncan guitar pedals


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