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Today I’m going to explain the difference between using a 920D Custom Shop wiring harness with a blender pot, and using a harness with 7-way switching.

The 5-way is wired traditionally:

  • Bridge
  • Bridge and Middle
  • Middle
  • Middle and Neck
  • Neck

With our 7-way option, we install either a mini-toggle switch or a push-pull pot that gives you two additional combinations. With the switch off you get the standard 5-way settings.

With the switch on, you get:

  • Bridge and Neck
  • Bridge, Middle, and Neck
  • Middle and Neck
  • Middle and Neck
  • Neck

     Positions 3 through 5 are redundant, but you do achieve two new tonal options in the 1 and 2 positions. The bridge and neck at the same time gives you somewhat of a telecaster type tone. Using all three pickups at the same time is a smoother quack than the standard position 2. Think Robert Cray.

     A blender pot will achieve the same sound combinations as our 7-way switch. However, with a blender pot, you get to choose how much of the additional pickup signal gets blended in with the other pickups.

     Bridge pickup, with the ability to blend in the neck pickup Bridge and middle pickup, with the ability to blend in the neck pickup Middle pickup Middle and neck, with the ability to blend in the bridge pickup Neck pickup, with the ability to blend in the bridge pickup.

   The only difference in the way the two harnesses are wired is in the one control. On the 7-way, the first tone control will affect the neck and middle pickups. The second tone knob will control the bridge pickup. On the blender harness, there is a master tone control in the first tone position, and the blender is in the second tone position.

Links for the harnesses are listed below.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Stratocaster 7-Way Wiring Harness

Stratocaster Wiring Harness with Blender Pot


Eric Mathews, 920D Custom Shop


920D Custom Shop Eric Mathews


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